About us

The Association of Portuguese- and Spanish-Lexified Creoles (Associação de Crioulos de Base Lexical Portuguesa e Espanhola – ACBLPE) is a scientific and cultural association which aims to:
  • promote and develop the study of the Portuguese- and Spanish-lexified Creole languages; 
  • provide its members with opportunities for debate and collaboration; 
  • produce reports and make suggestions and critiques on issues related to education and research. 
To achieve this, ACBLPE regularly organises several activities, which you may find out about on this webpage.


The Associação - Crioulos de Base Lexical Portuguesa e Espanhola was founded in 2001, although the scholarly study of these languages goes back to the early days of the academic interest in language contact. Hugo Schuchardt, a German linguist teaching at the University of Graz (Austria) whose work from the 1880s to the 1920s made him the father of creole studies, focused particularly on the Portuguese-based creoles. 

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  • Collection and propagation of information and documents referring to the Portuguese- and Spanish-Lexified Creole languages, nationally and internationally; 
  • Publications; 
  • Organisation of an annual meeting of the Association, as well as congresses, seminars and colloquia about creole languages, and collaboration in similar events of related scientific domains;  
  • Promotion of actions which contribute to the scientific progress of its members; 
  • Rendering of services to the community, in the domains of education and information. 

Articles of association

Read ACBLPE’s articles of association (in Portuguese). [pdf]


Executive Committee

President: Nélia Alexandre
Vice-President: Dominika Swolkien
Secretary of the Board of Directors: Chiara Truppi
Secretary of ACBLPE: Eduardo Tobar   
Treasurer: Tjerk Hagemeijer

General Assembly

President: Carlos Figueiredo  
Vice-President: Mário Pinharanda Nunes
Secretary: Christina Märzhäuser
Secretary: Fernanda Ziober

Audit Committee

President: Ana Luís
Member: Márcia Oliveira
Member: Miguel Gutierrez Maté


Membership of the Association of Portuguese- and Spanish-Lexified Creoles (Associação de Crioulos de Base Lexical Portuguesa e Espanhola – ACBLPE) can be extended to teachers and researchers of these languages as well as those who, though not teachers or researchers, work in this field or related fields. To find out about members’ rights and duties, please read ACBLPE’s Articles of Association.

Become a member

Send your membership proposal to the Executive Committee, which may, if relevant, ask you for additional information.

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